These are records of some of the expeditions and explorations that are still in the process of being turned into articles, books and keynote presentations.


Papua New Guinea expedition, December 2002

We traveled aboard Mike Ball's Paradise Sport to explore the marine worlds and island people of Milne Bay, and then explored the highlands of PNG. Watch this space for more reports, photos and links to articles. 


Morocco: Atlas Mountains and Stony Deserts, January 2001

A modest punctured hire car took us along some of the most treacherous roads and barren terrain on earth - all in search of the elusive phacob and their fossil relatives. See Terri's article on Fez in the Travel section of this site. Many more to come.


Papua New Guinea expedition, June 1998 

png-group.tif (206025 bytes)Eleven of us traveled half-way round the world to meet at Walindi Plantation Resort and to share two weeks in a marine paradise, aboard the M. V. FeBrina. Here are some bright memories of those balmy days!

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